Monday, April 6, 2009

Our First Covers!

The first covers have rolled into my mail box in the past two weeks. This is thrilling, exciting, and amazing to me all rolled into one. I will be packaging these up this week and be sending them to Jenn's center, as I think that is the best place possible I could start this project.

Aren't they beautiful? I took them outside for the picture because we are having a rare GORGEOUS Spring day here in Western Oregon.

I apologize for not posting recently. I went through a period of fairly blue days in the last month. Still recovering from Jenn, then my Grandmother passed away at the beginning of March, then a long weekend vacation to San Francisco, and the next thing I know I have not posted in forever.

I did have a question asked what should the finished dimensions of a crocheted PICC cover should be. They should be able to STRETCH to about 9 inches in diameter, so around 5-6 relaxed, and around 8-10 inches in length. Basically it is creating a sweater sleeve that is about the size of an upper arm, but able to stretch to accommodate tubing and bandages. Most CF people are underweight and very skinny, so keep that in mind.


  1. I hope the ones I made aren't too big! I think they are 8-9 inches unstretched :(

  2. Hey guys! If you want some variety in your covers check out some sock cuff patterns. You can do lace, chevron, cables, you name it! I have a few that I can post if people are interested and of course is always good for pattern hunting!

  3. hi, i'm not sure how i missed this website until now. i will start making picc covers in honor of jenn this weekend.

  4. I have some covers finished. Where do I send them?